Do you like what I'm doing with these recordings? Want to show your appreciation in a more tangible way? Feel free to Buy me a Mate!Image of a bottle of Mate


I'm a member of the best hackerspace of The Netherlands: Hack42. This is where I get my Mate and I've got a running bar tab with them. At this point in time a single Mate costs €1.50.
If you send any funds to their bar's bank account (IBAN: NL07BUNQ2290486353 / BIC: BUNQNL2A), with a description that specifically identifies me as beneficiary, they will chuck it onto my bar tab. If your bank is a European one, there are no costs involved. Alternatively, you can use their Paypal Donate button. It's a bit more work for them, but generally works the exact same way, and I've been told that even with this approach there will be no costs incurred. If need be I can even provide you with an invoice, although obviously I'm not going to deal with that paperwork for a single bottle of Mate. DM me on Twitter if you're looking to do this. Oh, and since Hack42 is a tax-exempt foundation there's no messing about with that either.


It may surprise you, but I film conferences as a hobby. I've got a full-time job as a software developer/solution architect, creating software for mental healthcare hospitals.
While my employer appreciates that I do this filming, since there's no direct benefit to them in me doing this the only thing they do to support me in this hobby is to not get overly fussy when I work remotely considerably more often than the average employee. Thankfully my work is such that it allows me to do it this way, and it pays well enough to let me run around the globe filming without unduly burdening the conferences I film.

About half the cons I film each year don't cover all my costs simply because they can't. Which is fine. It's a hobby - it's supposed to come at some expense. But if you want to help me carry the burden I'd highly appreciate it.